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Commercial & Residential
Knox Box Options

Knox boxes allow easy and secure access to your home or business in the event of an emergency. They minimize damage and allow for easy access to gain entry into the property.

Knox box keys are secured in apparatus and can only be released by dispatch when requested by the commanding officer on scene. The time and date of each release is recorded.

Each Knox box is keyed specifically for Lancaster County. Please ensure you only order from the links provided, ensuring the Knox box is keyed correctly. If ordered incorrectly, there is a fee from Knox to rekey. Prior to placing your order, please ensure you're shopping Lancaster Co Fire Svc.

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Commercial Knox Box

Commercial Knox boxes can be ordered wall mount or recessed. They also have the ability to house several keys if needed. Please ensure you order the proper size depending on your application needs.

Residential Knox Box

Residential Knox boxes have several color and mounting options. Each are priced differently. Please select from the options according to your needs.

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Knox Box Information: Programs
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