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Smoke Alarms: List

When should I replace my smoke detectors?

Residential smoke alarms are rated for 10 years. Always follow the manufacture’s guidelines but when in doubt, replace the alarm.

How old are my alarms?

The date of manufacture can be found on the back of the alarm. If the date is missing or unreadable, replace the alarm.

How do I maintain my alarms?

Test smoke alarms at least once a month and replace batteries at least every year.

Where do I need smoke alarms?

Smoke alarms should be installed in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area, and on every level of your home. In the basement, install on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs. On levels without bedrooms, install in the common room or near the stairway.

Where to install?

Smoke alarms can be installed on the ceiling or wall. For ceiling installation, mount alarm toward the middle of the ceiling, no closer than four inches from walls. If ceiling installation is not possible, mount alarms on the wall, no closer than four inches from the ceiling.

How do I ensure proper activation and avoid nuisance alarms?

Testing smoke alarms at least once a month and replacing the batteries at least every year can ensure that your alarms are operational and the batteries are good.

Battery Replacement

We have resumed smoke alarm installations with a few requirements.

Homeowners must wear a mask and maintain a safe distance while personnel are inside the residence.

Indian Land Fire Rescue will install new smoke alarms and/or replace the batteries in your existing smoke alarms, as long as you have the new alarms / batteries.

Smoke Alarms: Text

Battery Replacement Schedule

The following are the days and times we replace batteries:

  • Tuesdays from 9am until 11am

  • Thursdays from 1pm until 3pm

If neither of the listed times work for your schedule, please contact us for other options.

Smoke Alarms: Text

Smoke Alarm

We do not endorse or recommend a particular brand of smoke alarm. The image is an illustration to ensure you get the proper items needed to ensure installation. It is important to ensure the packaging states that it is wired and the hard wire adapters are included.

Smoke Alarms: Image
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