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Be aware of SCAMS

We have been notified that individuals have received calls requesting donations for the fire department. Indian Land Fire Rescue will never solicit any type of funds via telephone. If you have been contacted by this unknown source and donated money, please contact the Lancaster County Sheriffs Office. If you ever have a doubt feel free to contact us directly.

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Mission  Statement

The Indian Land Fire Department is committed to providing protection from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies and hazardous conditions caused either from natural or man made events. 

Our members will display Courage in the face of danger, Honor and Integrity when assisting citizens and will have Pride in the quick resolution of any emergency.

We will strive to reduce emergencies in our response area by embracing our community through education.  We are committed to our members to provide accountability, training, empowerment, trust and the equipment necessary to accomplish the assigned task.

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Career   And Volunteer Opportunities   Available 

Is there fire in you? Do you have what it takes to help a neighbor? There's a job for everyone. Benefits include access to the Lancaster County Nurse Practitioner, tax incentives, life insurance policies, retirement opportunities and the potential to become a paid firefighter.

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